International Journal of Production Research - Volume 49, Issue 4, 2011

Lesert A., Alpan G., Frein Y., Noiré S.

Car sequencing problem deals with the ordering of a list of vehicles to be produced on an assembly line so that the overall capacity of each workstation is not exceeded. Some types of vehicles require several time consuming operations to be done on a workstation and will naturally overload that workstation. Such vehicles are spaced out in the sequence, by means of a set of spacing constraints, in order to cope with the momentary increase of workload that they create. Two questions arise: which type of vehicles should be subject to the spacing constraints and by which distance should they be spaced out in the sequence. In practice as well as in the car sequencing literature, there does not exist a methodical way to answer the first question and the existing methods for the second one is no longer adequate due to the increased diversity of cars produced in an assembly line. In this paper, we propose two new methods to answer these questions with a special emphasis on the first one. The performance of the proposed methods is illustrated using a real case study.

Cet article a été soumis le 18 Février 2009, accepté le 30 Octobre 2009 et publié le 16 Février 2010.